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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Office Smonkey adventures in the office

Missing: drawn mustache on Smonkey's "hand"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

In motion

Downloaded Blogger app for Android. Testing.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Im gonna tweet something

Saturday, December 4, 2010


It's time to re-work the 'ole blog. Many changes have occurred and well, things just need to be re-organized here. While I'm not feeling up to the task at the moment I will share my thoughts on this phenomenon called "Thundersnow" an incredibly interesting aspect of lake effect snow.

I'm living in Buffalo now, yep must change the tittle of the blog. Buffalo is really the case study in lake effect snow. Anyone who grew up in NY heard about the epic "shoveling out" stories and the "buried alive" tales of the inhabitants of Buffalo at least 3 times a winter. In fact, there was quite a fuss earlier this week about a large section of the NYS thruway being closed for over 30 hours, with motorists stranded in their cars. Yet, for me, situated in the sleepy suburb of Cheektowaga (North East of downtown), the most dramatic event was realizing that I was short on coffee and I might actually have to walk to Dunkin Donuts and endure a shameful excuse for a cup of coffee in order to get my daily fix. It was frightening. I watched the dogs play in the snow, and I got out and shoveled the inch/ inch and a half of snow we had received here. Talking with my friend who lives in West Seneca, an area of Buffalo known as the "southtowns" it sounded like the great snow-pocalypse was making its northern debut. She was stuck in the house for 3-days, luckily for her, with 3 bottles of wine.

All the while during this storm, it was thundering. Not just quiet little rumbles. Loud strong thunder-claps that woke me from my sleep and caused Dulce to join me in bed and put her head under the covers. This was the freakiest part of lake effect snow for me.

What did I learn? Three things. 1. I chose the right place to live, cheektowaga got all the beauty and none of the beast of this particular storm. If the wind changes just so much next time, who knows? 2. Buffalo is great for outdoor enthusiasts, many could drive to a winter wonderland without having to shovel themselves out. 3. Tthe Buffalo Education system did something right, any Buffalonian that I engaged on the topic of lake effect snow could eloquently recite the laws and rules of the phenomenon and make their predictions for the upcoming season, some thing they said they learned in earth science. yea Buffalo.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall weather is spittin' down on us. It's time to start thinking about which sweaters to get out!

This is a test

Only a test.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy one week Birthday Filter!!

Tomorrow is the official one-week birthday of Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar, located smack dab in the heart of Dupont Circle in DC. Its been a very interesting week. Can't really make too many predictions except that people LOVE! Filter. Truly, I think people love independent coffee shops and Filter is a great one. 

The comments we've heard this week go something like this: 
are you going to get tables and chairs outside?

I am so excited you guys are here!

Grande skim, oh I mean 16 oz. skim latte please.

You know what, surprise me.

You guys need a sign out-front.

This is great! Thanks. 

I'll tell all my friends. 

and my personal favorite customer moment of all week:

Three Aussie women walk in and all order Flat-whites. They sit down and at a quiet moment we begin to chat, as we do with just about all our customers who aren't perusing their blackberry's intently. Turns out they've been on, essentially, a round the US tour the last couple of months. So far, they said, Filter had won the award for the best coffeehouse they had been to. The drinks, ambiance, and community feel kept them coming back three mornings in a row. Today was their last stop in and I have to say, it kind of feels like a good group of friends just moved out of the neighborhood. 

As far a traveling goes, there is nothing I'd want more than someone who is familiar with, in fact, lives in, the place I'm visiting takes it upon themselves to treat me like someone who is included in their community. Takes the time to recommend a good pizza spot (owner Rasheed's fav is Paradiso) or Thai restaurant. We chat about their travels the coolest things they've seen. To me, that is the goal of a coffeehouse. Through our customers our goals are realized. So, come on in folks. Introduce yourself to someone you see at Filter all the time. See what they are up to. Ask interesting questions. You will find out so much more than you ever thought was there, than was possible. 

I think besides pulling some bad-ass shots and making some bad ass drinks, that is the best part of my job. 

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