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Saturday, August 16, 2008

So here it is August in Northern Minnesota. If you, for some strange reason, lived without any calendar or contact with the world of dates and times of year, you would know very well that it was August. A few very particular things happen here namely, the biting bugs (mosquitoes and black flies) die out. Read here: what a relief! Also, the light becomes quite a bit more golden, the rain clouds don't build up so much, and the nights are quite crisp with endless star filled skies. You may even catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis, a phenomenon that captures the imagination and leaves everyone asking, "how and why does that happen?" Personally, I can't answer that question. Sometimes I just answer the atmosphere is farting. I figure since it has a lot to do with gas I am almost right.

Also at the end of summer comes the end of the long work and the beginning of short (one-week) contract course with groups of people who already know each other and have a connection prior to their OB course. The one I'm working is for a program called Upward Bound, catchy eh? Wonder where they came up with their name? The students are all high school sophomores who, if they complete the program, they will receive partial or full scholarships to the University of Minnesota. Pretty cool deal. My understanding is they have to do summer school and accelerated classes. Also these kids are first generation college attendees, meaning their parents have not attended college. They are a very diverse group of kids, we have a Hmong girl, Muslim, Latino, Ethiopian, Asian, and American. One thing is true on an OB course; you can take people from all over the world but they will all love the mac and cheese. No problem.

Personally, I'm pooped. I have to pack to move out of the cabin I lived in here with Jayne. Her stuff, besides some random clothes, is already gone, she drove it to Houston about 4 weeks ago now. I have to fly home to NY and have two large bags that have to fit all my stuff. I am pretty sure I am going to be blindsided by the rule of thumb that packing always takes extraordinarily long and one should begin as soon as they can, not wait until the last minute. Trying to fit time to rest, pack, swim, watch the Olympics, and connect with folks is very challenging. Next time I talk to you it will be from NY. Enjoy your last days of summer! Fall is such a cool transition but for many it means back to the grind. take time to enjoy it.